An Election Week Guest Post



What? Tales From the Motherland is doing a guest post? Well, wonders never cease! I’ve stated, in a few recent posts, that I’m seeing things in a new way. Admittedly, I should have done this a long time ago, but I get stuck in my own silly boxes. I’ve also been stuck in writer’s block, struggling with change overall, and life as a whole. I’ve been rethinking positions I’ve held, and trying to figure out new ideas for this blog. I want to stretch and reach out to others; I’ve been struggling to find my groove again. This election has my head spinning, but I haven’t known what to say…

Meanwhile, in a galaxy quite nearby, another writer, who I know from a local writing group, was telling some (mutual) writerly folks that she had things she wanted to say, that she wasn’t ready to share on her own blog. They told…

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