Global Gender Gap Report, 2016 shows why Indian males should worry

The Male Factor (TMF)

Recently World Economic Forum has published World Gender Gap Report and per this report India ranked 87 out of 144 countries in gender parity. In this article we present a comprehensive analysis of the report that that led to this calculation.

Features of the report

Measuring Gender Gap rather than level of Empowerment

This year’s Global Gender Gap report seeks to measure gender gap based on access to available resources of the two genders in a country rather than women empowerment. So this report cuts down on factors of availability of resources in a country based on its financial condition. This report assumes that rich countries naturally have access to more resources and the two genders of the country should have access to similar levels of resources.

Measuring ‘Outcomes’ rather than ‘Inputs’ or ‘means’

Another significant change in this year’s report is that it measures outcome rather than ‘input’ to…

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