Fine Dining With Friends

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane went to lunch yesterday with two friends. While they dined, they discussed important topics like politics, travel, and getting naked in a hot tub (prior life experiences with, not the possibility that the three of them would engage in such activity after lunch).

After dining, they did a bit of shopping, then drove to a lovely bistro for hot chocolate. About a minute after being seated, one of LBL’s friends knocked over her still-full water glass. The waiter rushed over and suggested that they move to a different table, while he would take care of the mess.  They did so.

Everyone was now very careful with their water glasses, and, to their credit, they managed to sip without spilling. The hot chocolate was then delivered to the table. At this restaurant, hot chocolate was served in two vessels. One was a cup containing hot…

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