Excitement At The Car Show


(Here’s an oldie while I continue to work on a post that is refusing to come together….)



You know what’s almost as much fun as doing what you love to do?

Doing what your spouse loves to do.

Just kidding.

Doing what my husband likes to do is usually awful.

But once in a while I feel like I should.

It’s not like it was part of my marriage vows or anything. I didn’t stand at the altar and promise to crawl through used-car lots just ‘to see’, or spend five hours in Cabela’s, or watch ice trucking shows.

But on the other hand, there was a vow that someone snuck in there that said ‘For Better or Worse.’

My husband’s idea of fun things to do is definitely part of ‘Worse.’

A few weeks ago we made our annual pilgrimage to the New York International…

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