I Am My Own Prison

Hasmeet Writes

They are on my lips,

But they fail to come out.

My thoughts have no way out.

They rise and fall,

Like the mighty waves.

But then a sudden halt.

My wings were not chained.

I flew above the sky.

But now I feel tamed.

I am in my own prison.

I wanna rise.

But it seems to be a distant vision..

They say they all love me.

But their sounds are pain in my ears.

I’ve lost my glee.

With my ashen face,

I roam around.

I am my own enemy.

Been a while,

Since I enjoyed.

And had a real smile.

Nobody can save me.

I am imprisoned.

No one to hear my desperate pleas.

I wanna do what I like.

Not to please them all.

I wanna live my life.

With clipped wings I try to fly,

But fail miserably every time.

My hope is now dying.

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