As We Go On Begging For Love

The Seeker's Dungeon

Walk with
me – won’t you
talk with me? I can
drag you down, you were
never free- stay with
me – won’t you play with
me? You and I, lost
for all time.

Share with
me now, your
pleasures and
pain, all I’ve got is
time, but don’t expect
to be satisfied by the
release of your lies –
my pride runs
deep, your loyalty
I do need.

Put your faith
in me, let your
embrace be only
mine, let my words
sink into your heart,
whether or not you
even realized it, you
were mine from
the start. We’ll take
each other apart,
piece-by-piece, our
work of art.

If I said I loved
you, would it be
more than words?
Would it be a melding
of our minds? Would
you follow me over
the earth? Would
you need my soul
with yours?

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