Tools for Defeating Fear: Take a Day Off


We live in a world where we have immediate access to pretty much everything that is going 24/7.  We know of everything from mass shootings to natural disasters to celebrity “tweet wars” before the dust has even settled in both the literal and figurative sense.  Our parents and grandparents could not have even imagined such immediate access to world events as they are still unfolding.

But always being “plugged in” to what is happening in the world is not always a good thing.  We can go into intellectual, emotional and even physical overload.  Don’t you sometimes feel like you need a break from all the bad news and tragedy?

The good news is that all you have to do is turn it off when “reality” gets to be too much.  You can actually turn off the TV, iPhone or computer.  Did I hear a gasp?

Did somebody say “but what will I…

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