The Willow, a Serialized Novel, Chapter 14

The Seeker's Dungeon

Chapter 14 of 21. If you haven’t read the earlier chapters, please read them first.  You can find them here: The Willow, a serialized novel.

For ten years, they sat face-to-face for one hour a day, two days a week. Their eyes always locked in a confrontation of wills, each having an agenda, and each finding amusement in the others’ attempts at defining their relationship. Marcus asked the questions and Beth watched Marcus asking the questions. Beth sat patiently waiting for Marcus to hear her on a subtle level, tugging at that part of his consciousness that he wasn’t even aware of.

Although it seemed as if no progress was being made, these were Marcus’ favorite times of the workweek. There was just something about Beth that he loved. She was certainly not interested in acting in a way that the world could understand. She would not adapt herself to…

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