The Seeker's Dungeon

A Memoir by Al Poole, Part 3

He was sitting in Pershing square, a park located between 5th and 6th avenues of downtown Los Angeles. The park’s best days were well behind it, as it was the current hang out for low-income seniors, hustlers, L.A.’s homeless, thugs, sexual deviants, and the mentally ill. The park grounds were rectangular in shape, with walking paths and benches surrounding the interior. The scattered palm trees through out, did nothing to block the fierce sun that enveloped the park during the afternoon. A large parking garage was built underground for L.A. commuters, which had an immense bathroom where every possible behavior occurred, often in front of bathroom users.

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The park had been his daytime living place for several weeks. In the late evening, he would spend the night on the expansive grounds of the downtown library, staking out a sleeping place behind…

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