The Willow, a Serialized Novel, Chapter 13

The Seeker's Dungeon

Chapter 13 of 21. If you haven’t read the earlier chapters, please read them first.  You can find them here: The Willow, a serialized novel.

“What is the use in walking the path that a delirious world has laid before us – obsessing over power, money, progeny or fame – when in the end, all of our bones share the same fate – burnt to ash or stored in a grave?” Those were the last words that Beth had said to Marcus twelve years earlier, when he was on his way off to college. He had no way of knowing that it was actually a message from the girl he had seen abducted so many years before. He didn’t know that Beth was made to repeat those words over and over again until they were perfect. He had just thought that they were the random musings of an awkward girl…

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