One Day U: Making Music, From Jefferson to The Beatles

Life in the Boomer Lane

Lest you think that Life in the Boomer Lane is beating you over the head with her enthusiasm for One Day U, you are absolutely correct. She attended her second One Day U yesterday. Once again, she is swooning from the experience of being back in the classroom, being taught by some of the best and brightest professors around.

The first thing she noticed upon entering the auditorium was that the sea of greys she encountered last year had become a sea of both greys and non-greys. This was due not to oldsters suddenly discovering hair color, but to younger people becoming aware of One Day U and taking advantage of its offerings. The sight made her happy.

Her day consisted of the following:

Hamilton vs Jefferson: The Rivalry That Shaped America

With all due respect to psychology, it has been LBL’s experience that an understanding of history is…

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