This is why Pink is a harmful movie for you and dangerous for this society

The Male Factor (TMF)


If you have already watched the Movie Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan, chances are that you have not only liked it but also agreed to what the movie tried to convey. If we go by normal movie review standards and popular formula of box office hits; this movie may grab many eyeballs and touch many hearts. This is because this time the feminist movie crew actually nailed it with a deadly weapon – victimhood of women, their tears.

The reason “Gulaab Gang”, another feminist movie starring Madhuri Dixit bombed was it showed women as violent rowdies rather than victims and only victims. The makers of the movie Pink had carefully played with our sentiments with most deadly weapon on earth – women tears. Especially when it comes from young good looking women, it almost gets power to vanquish anything. The very reason that we always connect to others’ pain…

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