I Want A Do-Over


My last postwas filled with sweet college memories. Because I am still filled with nostalgia for college – as I am every September – here’s a post from three years ago…


Every September, as I watch the kids go back to school, I get the same yearning.

I wish it were me packing up Dad’s station wagon to go off to college.

I’d take my favorite pillow, and those narrow twin-bed sheets and an Indian batik bedspread.

I’d bring my popcorn popper to warm a can of Campbell’s tomato soup.  And my old stereo turntable and my scratchy Crosby, Stills, and Nash albums.

And my big Underwood typewriter that I bought used for $12.00 – the kind where you have to pound the keys and then sometimes the spindles with the letters get stuck together in mid-air. With onion-skin erasable typewriter paper and a gum eraser.

I’d need notebooks…

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