From a feminist to an MRA, how did the transformation help me

The Male Factor


Part 1

I am associated with Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) for last six years. I have joined the movement when I was in so called married life that others used to think as ‘Happy Married life’. My wife’s friends used to envy us. That was the time our Facebook posts were still abuzz with our holidaying pics. Yes, it was a life that could make any average couple very envious of us, because we used go on tours at least six seven times a year. Even when our kid was only six months old.

While people used to envy us, my parents used to think that we were blessed, only I knew why I was traveling so much. There was no doubt both of us loved travel (which Bengali does not?). Out son got accustomed with eating outside food at a very early age and had never troubled us while…

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