The Willow, a Serialized Novel, Chapter 10

The Seeker's Dungeon

Chapter 10 of 21. If you haven’t read the earlier chapters, please read them first.  You can find them here: The Willow, a serialized novel.

It was hard for Eliana to accept that Willa had replaced her. She was used to resting in the role of prized disciple. Eliana went on telling herself that Willa still loved her, she just didn’t need Willa in the same way that these new disciples needed her. But more troubling and confusing to Eliana than having to make room for the others, was that it seemed as if Willa needed them. To Eliana’s eye, these were just normal four year olds, yet Willa was desperately trying to guide them along the spiritual path.

Eliana was now fourteen, and managed to convince her mother that she was old enough to be in charge of the daycare. It helped that Willa seemed to support this idea…

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