College Moments


I always have it in September.

A wistfulness.

I loved school. Not elementary or high school though.


How I loved college. I finally found a place that suited me completely. The atmosphere of learning. The very air charged with intelligence.Living right where you went to school. Walking to classes. The pride of reading. And reading for hours. For days. For years.

I probably should have been a college professor, so I could stay forever.

And every September, I want to go back.

(I think next year I really will… as soon as I decide whether I want to speak French or study philosophy or archaeology or watercolor or….)

But in the meantime, I will reminisce.

I learned so many amazing things in college, but my most precious memories do not concern linguistics or 19th century history. My best memories are of just a few moments in time when I knew I…

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