(Nearly) 42 years of Hair

The Seeker's Dungeon

My mom, over at Living Learning and Letting Go, and our friend Kathie at Chosen Perspectives, both did very fun Hair posts recently, detailing their hairstyles over the course of their lives.  Kathie was responding to a post by Marilyn Armstrong over at Serendipity.  Reading them, you couldn’t help but laugh, and I thought that I’ve got to get in the action, as I love hair, and have gone through my fair share of styles along the way. So I present to you, (nearly) 42 years of hair.

Me and Pops Me and my Pops

The thing about being a kid is you don’t really get to pick out your first style. And the thing about having an afro is that you really have to rock the afro. I didn’t rock the afro and don’t tell me it’s cute. Of course it’s cute looking back on it, but when nobody else has one…

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