Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Disease of Spiritual Despair?

The Seeker's Dungeon

by Karuna of Living, Learning and Letting Go

Reading Kripa Gressel’s contribution to The Seeker’s Dungeon’s On Living and Dying event yesterday reminded me of events in my life that occurred more than twenty years ago.

August of 1994 brought with it something I dreaded: the symptoms heralding a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) relapse. Several days into the ordeal, I had an experience that facilitated my recovery and gave me new information about the disease, at least as it relates to me.

I first contracted CFS in 1984 when I was coordinating a satellite Bachelor of Science in Nursing program for a Seattle hospital. My staff and I had recently moved into an office that had been vacated by a laboratory, one that I learned later had used the Epstein Barr virus in their petri dishes. Within weeks, my secretary, my program assistant, and I were very ill. Over a…

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