How Your Boogeyman Can Set You Free: A Guest Post by Monica Wilcox

Lipstick and Laundry

Okay, you guys–I have something special for you today. Without giving too much away, I want you to read the beautiful piece that follows with an open mind and heart. In several of our communications, Monica said, “It’s a bit woo woo…are you sure you’re okay with woo woo?” 

I told her yes. A resounding yes! Because this series is all about a Chorus of Lovely Voices and sometimes friends, those voices come from places we can’t see or are too fearful to check out. Monica has made it way less scary for us. Enjoy!  


How Your Boogeyman Can Set You Free

By Monica Wilcox

We don’t need to look into another’s eyes to feel terror. We don’t need cruel facial features or the bulk of a dark figure to know fear.  All it takes is a shadow, or the hint of a shadow, and we’re triggered…

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