Trash Wars

Life in the Boomer Lane

trashLife in the Boomer Lane knows about married people arguing over whether or not to have children. Then, after they do, they argue about what to do with them. She knows they argue about money, infidelity, in-laws and sex (among themselves, not with in-laws).  She is aware of any number of books, workshops, therapists, couples’ retreats, and TV shows that help people deal with such relationship-threatening topics.  To date, she is not aware of any resource that enables people to overcome the growing animosity that results from a difference between partners on their vision of dealing with trash in one’s home.

LBL grew up in a family that had little money and few amenities in life.  They may have lacked a car and the ability to take vacations. But they did have a kitchen trash bin.   Not only that, but her family could afford to buy the same…

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