How I Fight Chub Rub.

Beaus and Bows

A photo of Tara's shorts and thighs

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have thighs. I’ve had chunky thighs prone to chafing since middle school and have never figured out how to make it stop. Listen, it hurts. It keeps me from doing things I want to do. I can’t tell you how many walks with B I’ve cut short in the past because my skin is screaming in pain. It sounds stupid, but it took over my life. I would avoid hanging out with friends in summer if they were doing something outside. I would wear jeans to protect my skin from rubbing even when the weather was 100+ degrees.

Enough is enough. I’ve been on the hunt for a solution to my chafing woes for years now and I’ve finally landed on something that works for me.

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