Why I support Black Lives Matter


It’s the bottom rung, folks…the last of a series of rungs and the furthest from the top. And so we must make it the beginning, where else is there to start from?

We must recognize this bottom rung, and build up from it.  We cannot entrust goodness and prosperity, fairness and justice to the trickle-down effect.  It trickles down, yes, from top to bottom, except dries up before reaching those most desperate.  It dries up.

So I choose to support the Black Lives Matter movement.  I choose to let others know of my choice.

Because if we cannot correct our thinking about the most fundamental right of all Americans, this fundamental right to LIVE….if we cannot correct this thinking and open our eyes to how we continue to fail…we can’t hope for better for anyone on any other rung.

This movement needs our support.  This is where our focus should…

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