On Living and Dying Day 23 by Michelle Lunato

The Seeker's Dungeon

There Were Moments

by Michelle Lunato aka Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams

There were moments in my life where I wanted to die.
If you say you haven’t thought it, I’d say you lie.
For life is full of its ups and downs.
Spinning round and round, making us fall down.
We try to grasp and pull and make things right.
And sometimes the effort seems, just not worth the fight.
Death promises freedom from all the pain.
It seems a better option than going insane.
But what will find when we pass up this life?
Will we find final peace or just burning strife?
Or will it just be nothing, nowhere…in a sheath of black,
Where we don’t even exist and cannot look back?
Will we have wasted our one chance on this Earth?
Or will we come back in some unknown rebirth?
The questions are questions that will…

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