sunrise, sundown, swim fast, swim around: A Guest Post by Sammie Schurig

Lipstick and Laundry

This morning at practice, I realized what one of my favorite parts about swimming is. 11 years in the making, but the Ah-hah moment was worth it.

I pushed off on my back at the beginning of our set, and saw my reflection right before I broke the surface of the stilled water.

It’s the moment right before you’re about to take your first stroke. But you can’t see your reflection before that. It isonly right before your fingertips leave the surface for air, and the water is no longer still.

Kind of like a mirror, but way better.It’s a shiny reflection of my porcelain skin. I can see the way my body moves through the water for just a moment.

It’s a timing thing, really. If you start your break out too soon, you’ll miss your reflection. If you start it too late, you’ll be kicking at the…

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