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The Male Factor (TMF)

Partha (36) [name changed] was contemplating committing suicide when he found out that the person who he loved more than his own life, his little kid was not his biological child. He was completely shattered when he came to know that his wife who otherwise seemed to be a normal housewife was indulged in prostitution and gave birth to the child outside the matrimonial bond.

Chandra (35) [named changed] was raped in his childhood by one of his female relatives and didn’t know what was to be done. He was again cheated in his adulthood when his wife filed false criminal cases against him to extort money.

A woman lawyer [name withdrawn] from Kolkata, WB was happily married until her only brother Dr. Subhodeep was forced to commit suicide by administering upon himself a lethal injection. Her parents were also threatened of false cases and the elderly couple was completely…

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