The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix Expanded

Life in the Boomer Lane

MatrixTwo significant things happened yesterday.  The first was that Life in the Boomer Lane learned that Britain had voted to leave the European Union. The second was that she realized that the post she published aboutDana McClendon’s Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix: A Man’s Guide to Women back in 2014 had permanently remained her #1 post, eclipsing all of the other fabulous and amazing posts she had written since.  Both of these events were a bit disturbing to LBL. Worse was her realization that the world is now stuck in its own hot/crazy matrix. As a public service, LBL now resurrects The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix, this time for the entire planet.

The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix for the entire planet can be used either when one is planning a summer vacation, or contemplating a permanent relocation outside of the US in the event Donald Trump is elected.

Let us now explain the matrix

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