New Statistical study shows strong correlation between number of dowry accused and suicide of married Indian males

The Male Factor (TMF)

A new statistical study shows strong correlation between number of accused persons in IPC 498a and suicide of married Indian males.

Correlation coefficient denoted in statistical terms as ‘r‘ shows whether two different data sets are correlated. The value of ‘r’ if closer to 1 denotes strong positive correlation, whereas the value closer to -1 denotes strong negative correlation between two independent data sets.

A recent study done to find out correlation (if any) between “number of people accused in a 498a case” and “husband suicide in that year” has correlation coefficient of more than 0.96 which denotes strong positive correlation between the two variables. (Check this link for an easy understanding of calculating correlation coefficient)

Based on data captured from NCRB records from the year 2001, this study first finds out number of new people accused in IPC 498a every year. This is obtained by subtracting…

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