Life in the Boomer Lane


The recent upswing in popularity of truthish has become especially pronounced in celeb tabloids and political circles. Donald Trump, when he isn’t using his vast fourth grade vocabulary to compliment himself, can often be found uttering nuggets that he has gleaned from random social media sources and National Enquirer. But let’s give Trump a break, here. He hasn’t created truthish.  He has merely made it a popular spectator sport.

And let’s be clear about the difference between truth, truthish, and complete fabrication.

Truth is annoying, because anything truthful has to be able to be verified.  And it often gets in the way of one’s belief system, which is a total drag.

Complete fabrication is way fun, and it has the added benefit of enabling the user to feel like the ruler of the world, without having to go through a coup or use nuclear weapons.

Truthish generally starts out…

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