Looking Past The Illusions Of Life

Passion For Truths

Many spiritual teachers of the past and present opine that life in the world is like an illusion. Apparently, there are many veils of illusion that disconnect us from others and narrow our perspective . Diana Cooper , (author & teacher) whose intuitive senses allow her to connect with angelic realms have listed a few common veils.

Victim Consciousness – this is one that causes humans to feel helpless and stuck. Often such people resort to blaming others (including God!) for their perceived misfortunes. They have this attitude of “Poor me. I am doomed. My life will never get better. Life is not fair.” It is as though this veil influences people to give up their personal power and make them lose hope. To remove such a veil, one would need to cognize that our human lives are planned with challenges (which our souls agreed prior to incarnation). Such an…

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