On Living and Dying Day 20 by Kathie Arcide

The Seeker's Dungeon

Timothy’s Death, Timothy’s Birth

Kathie Arcide of Chosen Perspectives

It is now many years later and I finally feel ready to tell Timothy’s story.

I get the call early one morning, as I am putting my much-needed, vacation-packed suitcases by the front door for the cab driver to load.

The distraught caller says “It’s Jim. Our baby died!” They are only 6 months pregnant with their first child.

I function unusually well in a crisis so within minutes I have canceled the cab, dashed to the hospital and am walking in as the doctors are telling the devastated couple that the best course of action is to induce labor and birth the baby “normally”. These words, in Jim and Brenda’s shocked state, are clearly not computing.

“Birth your baby”…..Wait, doesn’t that imply new life on the way? I see this innocent mother’s face go from incomprehension, to a hopeful split…

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