On Living and Dying Day 8 by Alfred Poole

The Seeker's Dungeon

Ode to the daffodil – a giver of light.

By Alfred Poole

Every spring in my city of Seattle, Washington, hundreds of children, adults and seniors take to the downtown streets and neighborhood centers with one task in mind: to freely give everyone they meet a daffodil and smile.

Unlike the hundreds of religious pamphlets, political treatises, and many product samples that are given away, daffodils are almost never rejected or discarded.  Even strangers to the custom, or untrusting personalities, find it difficult to resist the flower’s allure. For this humble yet magnificent flower is always the bearer of light, God’s gift to all of us to freely enjoy and embrace. 

The daffodil’s qualities and life lessons are extraordinary.  The flower can take root almost anywhere, rising on its seemingly vulnerable slender green stem in dark places, and unfriendly city sidewalks, as well as gardens all over.  Everywhere they bloom…

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