Getting A Head

Life in the Boomer Lane


There are few news items now that can pierce the mind-numbing miasma emanating from the run for the presidential nomination. In spite of this, Life in the Boomer Lane found her brain cells standing (albeit gingerly) at attention (albeit with as much attention as one with ADD can muster) to see the following:

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero says he plans to attempt the first human head transplant late next year.  For those of you who are reading this blog while driving, or during a business meeting, or in the recovery room after major surgery, please stop now and wait until you can give it your undivided (no pun intended) attention. We are talking about HEAD TRANSPLANTATION, folks.

During the procedure, estimated to last about 36 hours, the patient’s (someone has already been slated to have the surgery performed on him) head will be cooled to around 12…

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