Aging: Do The Math!


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When I departed Tel Aviv, Israel, about 36 hours and hit submit on a Huffington Post piece: on aging, and the crisis that my son’s birthday created for me recently–– I figured it would be out there in a week or so. That’s how these things usually go. However, when I landed in Toronto (13 hrs later), for my layover, my story was up and running! The world gets smaller and smaller all the time! (Aside: unless you’re sitting on a plane for 13 hours, your flight is delayed 2 hours, you miss your connection and don’t get home for 26 hours!!)

This piece is currently featured on Huffington Post. Hope you’ll fly over there and show some love. There’s a FB like icon at the top, that you can hit, and a place to Tweet it out to the universe. More than anything, I love comments. Share your thoughts and…

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