Remember the Time… We Jumped, Because We Could?


This post is from two years ago. A friend reminded me of it, and I thought I’d repost. It’s always humbling to re-read something and find the typos you missed; it’s fun to see what you would edit and change. Here’s round two of Remember the Time…

Long ago, and far far away, I was a child. I know, that’s hard to believe, what with my recent rants about wrinkles, and aging, but I was… once a kid.  As I age, that time in my life moves further and further back in my gray matter, yet takes on an increasingly powerful, almost mythical, place in my memories.  Out of nowhere fragmented memories come to me at any time, and I find myself recalling: a day spent swimming in the marshes with my good friend Julia; riding horses with my friend Kim (sadly, both are gone now), downtown and along the…

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