Lessons learnt from Delhi cop’s “drunk” video ordeal

The Male Factor (TMF)

The viral video of a Delhi cop (Mr. Salim) in Delhi metro “allegedly” in a drunken condition is proved to be otherwise now. He suffered a stroke on that day and was having a blackout. So he was having trouble locating the gate and keeping his balance in the train and he fell down (details here).

Delhi CopSource

Clearly this case is a shame for all of us social media users. Most of us have seen this video and might have shared it too. The prominent social groups like The Logical Indian too had shared this video without knowing the reality and that has caused irreparable damage for Mr. Salim’s family.

As a men’s rights activist I saw the news being shared on social media but didn’t get enough time to even see the video. Today we know that he needed help of fellow passengers rather than criticism of the…

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