Movie Review – Jenana (জেনানা, Bengali)

The Male Factor (TMF)


জেনানা by বর্ষালি চ্যাটার্জ্জী

Why do some men live the life of women?

You might have seen them asking money from passengers in express trains or from car drivers at busy intersections in our cities. You might have also seen them extorting money from new fathers and their families. They are all men with different identities. They sound harsh to very harsh with thick voice, they have abuses almost always on their lips and most often their targets are other men. They are mostly dressed like women but some of them may have clearly visible shaved moustaches telling that they are males.

Why do some men chose to live like women do? They embrace an identity of Hijra or Chhakka as popularly known in the society. We from the mainstream society know them only as chhakka and nothing else. But they different categories Chhinni, chhibri or Aqua (ছিন্নি, ছিবড়ি…

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