My Shortest Career


I’ve written before that I thought I could have been be a good doctor – even though my short-lived career in Nursing didn’t exactly go well.(“I Coulda Been Somebody”)

I wrote back then that the hospital work was okay, but that the academic side was drudgery.

That was not exactly true.

I am a great classroom student (when I can stay awake.) In nurses’ training, I excelled in Anatomy and Pharmacology, and most of the other science-related classes where you learn something concrete – something that makes sense.

What I couldn’t connect with was: Sick People.

Not that I don’t have sympathy for people’s suffering. Hospitalization is a very scary thing. I empathize with the seriously ill and with their families. And I even sympathize with folks who feel only temporarily terrible and are bored out of their minds at the same time.

What I couldn’t do was pretend…

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