MRAs celebrate as Times Now punished for misandric reporting in Jasleen Kaur case

The Male Factor (TMF)


MRAs celebrate as Indian media house Times Now is punished by News Broadcasting Standard Authority with a fine of INR 50,000 and an apology for broadcasting a highly misandric news on Jasleen Kaur incident in New Delhi last year.

It is pertinent to mention here that last year on 23rd August, Jasleen Kaur claimed on her FB wall that she was harassed by Sarabjeet Singh in a busy Delhi crossing and no one came to help her in distress. This was followed by some of her friends taking the matter on Twitter and shaming the man for alleged harassment. This post went viral in no time and next day all Indian media was discussing about the incident and shaming Sarabjeet Singh for his alleged misbahaviour that media houses has confirmed by their own justice system and pronounced him guilty.


We were happy to expose Jasleen Kaur lies before…

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