Buying Stuff From China

Life in the Boomer Lane

Chinese Dock Workers.jpg

China has been accused of a lot of bad things, lately.  Donald Trump believes the Chinese started climate change.  The recent discovery that Lumber Liquidators has been selling cacinogenic wood flooring from China has been all over the news.  Added to that is carcinogenic drywall being sold throughout the US.  What few  people talk about, though, is China’s relentless march toward world dominance by selling products on eBay.  This specifically involves products like swimsuit skirts and silicone potato peelers.

Life in the Boomer Lane is an eBay devotee.  She has purchased any number of items on eBay, like cute cat socks (human socks with cat themes, as opposed to socks for cats).  These are 36 cents a pair, free shipping.  It’s unclear to LBL how any country can produce cute socks and ship them free, by charging 36 cents. But she buys them, wears them and accepts all the compliments she…

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