Women’s Day or International Misandry Promotion Day?

The Male Factor (TMF)


International Women’s Day is finally over. Over past few days we came to know through different campaigns how great, accomplished, heavenly creatures women are. We also came to know through these campaign how mean, degraded, disgusting are men or anyone belonging to that gender.

Major campaigns came from social media giant Facebook and search engine major Google. Facebook showed how both the genders are trying to straighten the female gender. All strength and love (in the form of flower) is bestowed on female gender. This year’s Google doodle showed women from around the world were coming forward and stating their big dreams. The doodle ended with a dream that “one day all girls will have education”.

WomensDayEveningAll these campaigns did was strengthened the ‘F’ word. However, Facebook or Google never did anything for men on International Men’s Day (IMD). Men from around the world ran change.org petitions to request Google…

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