The New Hampshire Nipple Bill

Life in the Boomer Lane

nippleMAIN_2717777aLest you thought that New Hampshire was only known for primaries and the Pitco Frialator, you would be wrong, especially this year. With the exit of the politicians, media, pizza delivery people, and professional make up artists from the state on February 9, New Hampshire did not revert to its usual no-news condition. New Hampshire has made the news again. This time, it’s over nipples.

While the planet has been distracted by warfare, terrorism, starvation, refugees, and Kanye’s money problems, lawmakers in New Hampshire believe they have identified the actual cause of societal breakdown.  It’s the breast.  Or rather, the uncovering of the breast.  Or, even more specifically, the uncovering of a woman’s breast in public places with “reckless disregard” for whether it would offend someone. .

New Hampshire lawmakers have thus proposed a bill seeking to to criminalize women exposing their breasts in public. They say they are…

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