Grow, Baby, Grow (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

Michelle R. Terry

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over and whispers “Grow Grow” ~The Talmud


Every year, I endeavor to tease life from green monogrammed Burpee seed packets. After I shared a personal essay about growing plants, Christy sent me the angel quote–a magnet that used to set on her mom’s refrigerator. Her gentle insight and perfect words set the mood for an entire Saturday of sanitizing pots, potting soil, graph paper, and happy hibernation in the pre-dawn of spring.

This process gives me joy. Seeds in the palm calm my heart while the anticipation of what happens next quickens my breath. But with this elation, comes a quiet sense of self-doubt–bordering on brooding and a foreboding of failure.

I can’t believe these little capsules will grow. Grow, baby, grow! 

IMG_4532Snapdragon pellets

There’s no way I’m doing this right. 

Grow, Baby, Grow MamamickterryHeirloom tomatoes

Did I press too hard?

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