Why the story of Neerja Bhanot isn’t about feminism

The Male Factor (TMF)

Neerja Neerja Movie poster

Probably the producer of the movie Neerja wouldn’t have got a better opportunity than releasing this movie around a time when the entire nation is divided on Nationalism row. When people are finding their heroes in Umar Khalid and Afzal Guru and when feminists are slammed big time for supporting separatists who made martyr out of Indian parliament attacker, the story of Neerja Bhanot came as a celebration for them. The story of a female braveheart who had made her country proud, not only helps feminists in an image makeover but also bolsters their claims of women oppression in many ways.

While not debunking her sacrifice and accepting challenge from my feminist readers to write an honest review of the film, I would still say the movie Neerja is not about feminism at all.

However, surprising it may sound, the movie has all feminism elements intact. An…

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