Einstein Boating


A question – amongst all the questions I ask myself in my so-called older years:

What is worth spending money on?

Do I really want new clothes when I have drawers and drawers of clothes?

Well, yes, of course I do. But how much will more sweaters add to my happiness in my twilight years?

sweaters2 Sweaters – folded the KonMari way. I will confess I have a second drawer full.

And how about dishes and crystal?


allmymakeup2 Yeah.. really. It’s an illness.

I wrote on my birthday that I wanted a new iPhone. But my old iPhone is still working, and I hear that the new ones have so many more features that you have to carry a spare battery pack.

(So I bought new makeup instead.)

But what is really worth my money?

What will give me joy?

Every now and then – for seven years now – I…

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