Hug Your Muslim Neighbor


*This piece was featured on Huffington Post this week; check it out here.

I don’t usually write about politics, or world issues. If you’ve read my work, it’s generally about parenting, personal change, life. However, the past months have been shocking on virtually every level. Paris, San Bernadino, scenes from Syria and around the world, and the relentless brutality and ideology of ISIS, have dominated the news. It’s hard to tune in and not feel wary; it’s hard to not feel hopeless. How do we avoid terrorism, when it seems to show up in the very places where we live our lives: concert halls, movie theaters, holiday parties, restaurants, and the streets of the cities we live. I am not a paranoid person, but it’s enough to leave even the most stalwart observer, ruffled. As an observer, what are we watching for? How do we recognize horror, before it happens?

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