Same JNU anti-national unions were behind sustained disturbances in December 2012 with foreign funded NGOs

The Male Factor (TMF)


India has witnessed unprecedented rise of anti-national forces yet again and this time they were raising anti national and anti India slogans. Naturally their gurus have come out openly in support of AISA, AISF and SFI-JNU and JNUSU –

Geelani on JNU Geelani warns India against action on JNU students

But what went unnoticed was the rise of this forces in Dec 2012 when massive violence broke out in Delhi on the aftermath of Nirbhaya incident.

Nirbhaya Protest by ISD3 Image from ISD

That violence killed one police personnel Subhash Tomar on duty and the protestors have seized India Gate for days together. Our emotions were running high at that time and we missed out on identifying these anti national forces behind projecting an anarchical situation of India. That civil unrest created and backed by left wing and socialist unions that are openly supported by anti-national forces today. This clarifies that these unions and such forces are…

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