Amazon Conquers the World

Life in the Boomer Lane


While the rampant mayhem of our beloved political process has diverted everyone’s attention from both ISIS and whether they should follow the Paleo Diet,  something else has been afoot that Americans haven’t noticed: Amazon, after single-handedly obliterating most brick and mortar bookstores in the country, has been quietly opening brick and mortar bookstores of its own.

Life in the Boomer Lane knows that you have temporarily diverted your own attention away from CNN and/or the latest Hysterical Trumper Tweets, long enough to read this post. Why on earth, you ask, is Amazon doing this?  Isn’t that sort of like the Ford Motor Company, after introducing the automobile to the world and precipitating the demise of the horse and carriage era, would suddenly start creating horse farms, and producing both carriages and large-size pooper scoopers?

Maybe so.  Or maybe not.  Amazon has discovered that selling people books and random stuff online…

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