What Makes A Good Grandparent?

Life in the Boomer Lane


A friend of mine has a father who spends little time with his grandchildren. He much prefers living his own life, rather than attending sports practices and school events.  It turns out that this man is still working, and is actively engaged in his profession. He writes books and travels the world, teaching and lecturing. He has had an impact on people wherever he goes.  He has also provided his grandchildren with trips to various places on the planet.  He takes them because he knows that travel and experiencing different cultures is one of the best educations a person can have.  He has never taken them to Disney World

The question is, should this man suck it up and happily attend the soccer games? Or, is his value simply who he is, a strong role model for his grandchildren, of someone whose vision and determination can literally change lives and…

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