Gilmore (or less) Girls


Finally, the torture of watching this series is over.
WHY, OH WHY, did I waste (quick math here –> 45 mins per episode, 22 episodes per season and 7 seasons…) 116 hours on this junk?

Just a quick one: The main characters are – Lorelai (further known as L) Gilmore, mother to Lorelai (Rory, further known as R) Gilmore. These two delicate flowers live in a one horse town, that has an inbred vibe to it. Oh yes and SPOILER ALERT!!

Gilmore-Girls.jpg Lauren Graham (Lorelai) & Alexis Bledel (Rory)

It started out innocently enough. I stumbled upon a Buzzfeed list of Lorelai Gilmore’s more awesome quotes and I found myself thinking, she sounds like the American version of me.

Collage And these are only but a few!!

Then I met her, and it took me a season to realise I do not like her. She is pouty and has this THING with…

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