Emergency Republican Debate

Life in the Boomer Lane


Donald Trump’s assertion that he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and his groupies would still support him, was met with outrage on the part of other Republican Presidential wannabees.  Because of that, Republicans held a special debate, in which the top five candidates could have their say. It went something like this:

Cruz: I could shoot 10 people and my supporters would still love me!  No, wait!  I could shoot 100 people!  Or 1000! Name a number!  I could shoot that many people!

Trump: You idiot. Nobody likes you in Congress, and you can’t even aim a gun straight.  You aren’t even an American.  I don’t know why you are here.  I’m going to outlaw Canadians when I am President, so people like you never start problems like this again.

Cruz: I’m an American! I love the flag!  I cheat on my taxes! And I can shoot…

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